Plumber in Croydon

Plumber + 20 years experience


The installation plans of sanitary and radiators :

- We prefer the raw materials from Plants such as PE-Xa or Pexal high quality or copper plumbing or heating for both variants

- On PE-Xa have good prices even better than a plant PPR

- Mark for PE-Xa and Pexal: Rehau, Uponor, CEEC, Franchisen, Sistema, Kalde, Ivar

- There Flos lately Polipoprilena site PPR-

- Jointing methods we use is safer Crimping or slip sleeve,

- I use both methods of distribution for heating or plumbing. The method of tees in tee - Telescopic or the distributor seamless method in Sapa.

- In both methods  guarantee of jointing in Sapa or wall is 10 years.

- Distributors and brass fittings and valves Quality

- Quality parts and leaking drain pipe quality

- Gutters and siphons quality German

- Frames Hanging WC, bidet, toilet quality German

- Septic tanks, grease separators, wastewater treatment plants, water softener.